Membership - Standard
Membership - Standard

Membership - Standard

Regular price $ 39.95

Get $85 in store credit per month + free bag with your first purchase


Step 1: Add membership to your cart and checkout normally.

Step 2: You will receive a notification email informing you that you’ve been rewarded points and allowing you to activate your account. Once activated, you can manage your membership and billing. 

Step 3: Log into your account on and you will see the number of your points. Points are technically store credit; 1 point = $1.


To use your points, you will have to be logged into your account here on There are two places where you can see and manage your points:

- At checkout, your membership will be validated to see your points - you can use them however you want. All at once, or in smaller pieces.

- On your customer account page, you can see your points history and even create a custom discount code to redeem a specific number of points (e.g. you can redeem 20 points for a $20 Off discount code). This is essentially the same mechanism as using a partial amount at checkout as detailed above. This code can then be applied to the checkout directly from the customer account page, or you can use it later by manually entering the discount code at the checkout page.

Every time your membership charge goes through (monthly), you will be topped up with a new batch of points. In the case of the Premium membership, you would be topped up annually.