Top Shop 2

House of Commons
2470 E. Pebble Rd. Suite 107
Henderson, NV 89074

Owners: Joseph Ison & Saskia Stockhof de Jong

How long have you been in business?

Opened December 18th, 2007, less than one month.

What is the concept behind House of Commons and what is your mission/direction?

House of Commons was built with the simple concept of providing an establishment for the people in Las Vegas off “the strip.” We wanted to locate ourselves away from the hustle and bustle of the casinos, yet still be close enough so that people from out of town can come through our shop. Around the time of planning and executing the store, we felt that we could bring our own aesthetic to Las Vegas through our interests and passions. We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can come to share ideas, talk about anything and everything and learn from each other, to really create a sense of community.

With regards to the storefront itself, we set out to carry brands that we felt were some of the strongest in the industry, but also brands that had a solid foundation with good people behind it. The result is what you see at the shop. An important aspect that Saskia wanted to push was the art/installation side of the store. There are many shops that have artwork up on their walls, but we wanted to take it one step forward, especially here in Las Vegas, and dedicate a whole side of our store to art. Every few months, we will have work up from a different artist ranging from photography to murals to installations. There will also be “gallery openings” to introduce each new artist. The thinking behind House of Commons is to help Las Vegas in becoming recognized for a culture other than casinos and shows.

What is the atmosphere of the store like? What can customers expect when they walk in?

The atmosphere is very comfortable and welcoming. When you walk into the store you get the feeling of warmth and being at home. The chandeliers in the store also add to that atmosphere, having amber colored lighting. Customers can definitely expect to be greeted by helpful employees.

How does the store fit into the landscape of the city?

House of Commons is specifically located in Southeast Las Vegas, and so we are accessible to a whole new demographic that has barely been exposed to our kind of store. Obviously, many of our customers also come from the North and West side of town, but we have been getting good responses from people expressing that there is finally a shop on the South side of Las Vegas. We also bring something different to the city in that the brands and companies we stock in the store aren’t readily available in the Las Vegas area. Not only do we give the people out here another shop to go and find the dopest product, but we also act as another outlet for these brands to get exposure and familiarity

What trend in the industry do you stay away from?

Quantity over quality.

What’s the best-selling Official fit in the shop or the most anticipated?

The best selling Official fitted in our shop would be the British SAS Shemagh and Thizz Face. Actually I believe we’re almost sold out of the Thizz Face. And for our customers that have never seen Official hats, nonetheless the British SAS Shemagh fitteds, they are really impressed with the detail.

Thanks Joe and Saskia for all the support and best of luck with the new shop!