Micro Bag (Red)
Micro Bag (Red)
Micro Bag (Red)
Micro Bag (Red)
Micro Bag (Red)
Micro Bag (Red)

Micro Bag (Red)

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  • 迷你脚踝包/手腕包
  • 8“ -10”可调式表带,带钩环扣
  • 红色400D尼龙织物结构
  • 容易的魔术贴闭合主隔层,用于存放小物品
  • 内层氯丁橡胶背带层略有衬垫,舒适
  • 正面印有官方徽标

尺寸HxWxD:3.25“ x 2.5” x 1“



Shoulders, waists and chests are having all the fun and your ankles and wrists are sick and tired of it.

The era of the micro bag is upon us, how far will it go?

8"-10" adjustable strap with hook and loop fastener. Canvas fabric construction.

Mini ankle bag / wrist bag. Slightly padded inner neoprene strap layer for comfort.

Easy velcro closure main compartment for storage of small items. Official printed logo on front side.

It’s high-time to give your ankles and wrists the shine they deserve.