Laser Barcelona

Official is pleased to announce the release of the Official x Laser Capsule Collection, a collaborative limited edition 8-piece headwear collection consisting of bucket hats, 5-panel strapbacks, and 5-panel campers. Each piece manifests the uniting of Californian and Catalonian influences, which at the core is the driving force behind the collaboration as evidenced in the union of the Cali Dolo bear and the uniquely Catalonian trencadis mosaic. In this instance though, the process was just as rewarding as the result. Official’s founder and creative director, Jason Maggio, notes, “A collaboration project with Laser has been like 2 and a half years in the works. And that’s the best kind… It began as a conversation over dinner or in this case over Gelato and just organically develops over time. Nothing forced, just working the ways both brands compliment each other and can work together on a product that represents each brand justly. Laser encapsulates Barcelona to me, they sincerely project good vibes and refined DIY design aesthetic and above that Justo and Raquel are the greatest people on earth. So any chance to work with the greatest people on earth, sign me up!” According to Justo Heras, Laser’s founder, “The first time I heard about Jason was reading ‘Vapors’ magazine. Lately I knew about his brand, and immediately became a fan of his work. Official is that kind of brand that represents a whole state, a whole feeling around California. Having such a similar lifestyle, around skate & graffiti and with some friends in common, I felt I had to do something with him. Since we first met in Berlin everything was very simple, I propose what I liked to do, to show the love for each other’s cities and connecting them with something very traditional. Starting with the own flag, the architecture, the beaches and the same good vibes. Representing California and Catalonia in a capsule collection was not so difficult despite the distance, and that wouldn’t be possible without Official’s amazing team helping with all the details. I’m proud to say I feel part of that great family!”

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.