Concerning Mondays

What I wish I was doing on Monday morning.
I never thought I'd say this but: Mondays get a bad rap. Admittedly, I dread Mondays- seriously, on the list of things I hate in life it's right above these dude's music. But my better judgement recently tapped me: when you approach something with negativity, you're very likely to have a negative outcome. With that in mind, I made a conscious decision to do my best to look at Mondays, not as the severe burden that I've considered it to be for the majority of my life, but as an opportunity to start anew; a chance to clear my slate of the shitty things that happened in the 7 days prior, take account of the bounty of good things that occurred and use that to motivate me moving forward with the next week. It's only been a week since I 've adopted this new state of mind but so far I haven't woken up on Monday with the utter despair I usually have.
Try it out for yourself, let me know how it works out. Here's to Mondays I guess.