Brodown or Showdown

We went to the Brodown or Showdown this weekend at “the B.” Lots of heads, best trick on a street obstacle and in the bowl. Here are some visual moments.

Official rider Joey Johnson and Official conduit Danny Seo broing down.

Tristan with a poetic bs_smith. I used to party with your dad.

Gina Lurking. Gina gave me some sneak peaks of the next Lurk Hard season from her blackberry. Can’t wait to see the production, the creative juice is pouring mad heavy at Lurk camp. So hyped the fam is building.

The underated king of B, Randeezy.

Hondel was drapping these bs lips the jersey barrier all day. I had to get a photo.

Sacto pride. Matt Rodriguez and John Cardiel.

Hondel figuring out what he’s going to rock to Lipstick this Tuesday.

Lurk D and Lurk T.

Geno and Mykah.

Official Matt.