C Plus Turns 26

Photo by Andre Elliott
One of of the most talented stars out of Northern CA and Official's staple aggregate C Plus celebrates his 26th year on this planet today. To explain the significance of this particular birthday C Plus took to his instagram account to explain that this age is somewhat of a milestone as a young minority in America. In the caption of his photo he relates his song "25" to the milestone, saying:
  "I wrote a song on my last album called "25" about the increasing paranoia of a shortened life expectancy due to my chosen lifestyle...If you would have told me when I was 19 that I could travel the world, make money, and find happiness and success all based off the things I was writing in my notebook at the time - I would have definitely believed you that it was possible. I just didn't think I'd be alive or out of jail to see it."

To hear the song in reference, click the bandcamp player below. Happy birthday C Plus!