Lurk Hard/Best Trick @ Mather

Mark and the Lurk Hard crew threw a best trick contest at Mather today that we sponsored. The contest was loosely organized, jam shesh style. One heat, put it down, let the crowd be the judge of the winners. When everything was said and done you were just left with a real warm feeling and a rejuvinated faith in the Sacto skate scene (not that the faith was ever lost, its just nice to get a day of locals ripping for a nice recharge). I think it’s safe to say that Sacto actually has THE BEST local skate scene/community in the world. Enough pros that live in other cities and of course Sacto’s own pros/ams new and old (Winsor, Cunningham, Cardiel, Rodriguez, Pailes, Shawn Turner, Janoski, Biebel, Matt Miller, Salazar, Hertzler, Rafter, Hondel and many more I’m forgetting) will agree with the above statement. I think one of the reasons Sacto is such a breeding ground for uniquely talented skateboarders is becuase we can still throw contest just for the fun of it.

Jeff Landi and Justin Williams were on a Blue mission but kicked it at the contest for a bit to vibe.

Apollo took 1st and he didn’t even enter.

Apollo filming for Trill TV. Note: the Neu Tropez fitted, staying rill trill.

This is Aric Hondel with Omar Salazar’s dog’s behind. At the contest I heard some little kid asking Mark why Omar didn’t enter the contest. Mark replied very matter of factly, “Because he has his dog.”

Vintage Hondel footage.

Mark doesn’t know it yet but he’s the next Don Bostick.

Mr. Lurk Hard himself.

Danny has recently taken over managing the flow program for us in Sacramento. He’s doing a stellar job linking the brand with the right set of riders.


It’s always nice when one of the guys you’re flowing places in the top 3. Taylor Bingman simply killed it today and we’d like to think that the beanie had something to do with it.

Tristan Moss. I used to party with his dad and I tell him that every time I see him. I’m sure he’s getting tired of me telling him that.

Most awesomest trophies ever.

You’d be taking it up high too if you got one of these trophies. Oscar who?

So there are the well deserved top 3. 1st = Andrew Delles. 2nd = Taylor Bingman. 3rd = Mika(hope I spelled that right Mika). These guys all got tricks and I’m pretty sure we’ll see them high up in the 2nd annual “Will Skate for Money” Official puts on at Southside park in May. Hopefully the Lurkers throw another Mather contest before then.

There were all kinds of dudes I didn’t know ripping and here are a few names of some of the guys I do know that warrant at the very least a mention in this posting. Rob Masso, Tristan, Will and some eight year-old kid that ollied the stairs.