Breath of a Sales Rep: Justus Bends

With trade show season in full swing, our Sales Rep Justus is basically the most stressed individual in the warehouse. Between locking down accounts, maintaining current ones, and traveling internationally- the dude has just a few things going on. Luckily, I was lucky enough to sneak in a a couple questions with him during a lunch break. This interview took place about a week before he took off to Berlin for Bright Trade Show, this being the first of 5 upcoming trade shows he would be attending over the next month and a half.


Sam: Are you excited? 

Justus: Excited for what? 

S: Your trips coming up.

J: I'm already no i'm not. Not really.

S: Are you scared?

J: I ain't ever scared but...

S: There's plenty of churches if you're scared.

J: [Laughs] Know what I'm sayin? Well I'm pretty much scared my entire life. I know it's going to get taken care of, it's just a lot of work dude. It's draining. Flying for me is taxing. I don't care about traveling yknow? And I never have really.

S: Really?

J: I live in California, it's the best place on earth.

S: Yeah.

J: Like everywhere else I go, it's just a bigger city that doesn't speak my language. Nothing is really like "WOW that's amazing!" Except for tourist attractions which i don't really give a fuck about. I'm not a passionate traveler. If I were to traveled I would want to go to Italy and just cool out for a month and just eat pasta and just fuckin' chill. That'd been some rare shit that I'd be into.

S: You hate the trade shows? 

J: I hate the trade shows. I just talk and talk and talk and talk. All my days have been like today: just going going going going going. Like, having that workload and having to travel internationally...? 

S: Well, what's the biggest challenge?

J: The communication. I look after a great amount of shops, a bunch of larger retailers and a handful of countries internationally. So it's...a lot.

S: A lot of pots on the burner.

J: Mhm...I'm chefing [Laughs]. I love it...but it's a matter of "Can I do it?"

S: Well i think you already are.

J: Yeah but it's getting busier and busier everyday...It's really awesome though.