People I Know: Clyde Moore

Interview and photos by Sam Stevenson

Clyde Moore is many things: A capable barber, an incredibly talented skateboarder, and an all-around great guy that knows a thing or two about a thing or two. He's often the center of attention in  social gatherings; people love Clyde for his humor and approachability but also for the wisdom that he has acquired from his life experiences.

The day we did this interview, I went with Clyde and Geno [Owner, Lurk Hard] to a spot they had been wanting to film for quite some time. Clyde wasted no time getting busy on a DIY kicker-to-planter gap. We spent the next few hours filming there and afterwards, we hit a cafe where the interview casually commenced. Our conversation started with Clyde telling me about an unfortunate event that happened at his house right before Christmas: Some money he had saved and kept safe in his room, one day grew legs- where it walked off to or who it walked off with, he never found out.


"All I can do is stay solid, stay loyal to the people I ride for and just try to be the best dude that I can be today."

- So did you confront anybody about it?

--Yeah I had a house meeting once I found out it was gone. But you know, whoever did it never stepped forward.  Considereing how the situation played out, it had to be one of the roommates. But I don't have any proof or know for sure so what am I supposed to do?

- Damn, you found out just by checking on it randomly one day?

-- Yeah, it was right before I was going to Fresno for Christmas- I was calling everyone back home to find out their sizes and all that shit. So I go to pull some money out to buy some shit at the [Official/Lurk Hard] warehouse and YEAH NOPE.  

- When you say "back home" you mean Fresno? Is that where you were born?

-- I was born in San Diego, grew up in Fresno. I was in Fresno from about 13-23 but I moved to different places a couple times too but ended up going back at one point. I moved to LA county for a bit, moved to Texas for a little bit then ended up here in Sac.

- Why did you move so much?

-- it was easy for me to get in trouble in Fresno. Those moves i made down south were me trying to get away from the lifestyle I was living and the people I  associated myself with...That's pretty much why I moved, I just needed to get out of Fresno.

- Did it help when you moved?

-- I'll say it helped for a little while when I moved down south and even when I moved to TX but what I realized was: the whole time I was down south I was still getting faded a lot. That was the whole reason I moved from Fresno to the south to get away from that whole lifestyle. I was doing good for a while and ended up right back in the same mix down south so I moved to Texas- I was doing good for a while out there but I just realized from those moves that it doesn't matter where you go it's all about what you're doing for yourself and who you associate yourself with. Once I moved to Sacramento, I cleaned up my act and my life has changed completely.

 - When did you move to Sac?

-- I moved to Sac when I was 26- in September of 2011...if I'm not mistaken. So about 2 years

- You like it here?

-- Yeah. I like it out here a lot. Like I said, ever since I moved out here and changed some things about my life. My life just got a whole lot better.

- You still go back to Fresno? See all your old homies?

-- Yeah I make trips back to Fresno all the time. I keep in touch with my close homies and my family, that's all I go to Fresno for. I can't really spend too much time out there because it's easy to get caught up in the wrong type of bullshit. A lot of my homies out there are still doing the same shit they been doing for years and it's just too easy-- I could just be with them and get caught up in some shit I don't want to be apart of or involved in and end up in trouble because of someone else's stupidity. I go there because I stay loyal to where I'm from. I have a lot of family out there: my dad, aunts, cousins and close friends that I also consider family y'know? I still have some friends that I skate with down there too that I've known for a long time. There's certain people I could be out there and hang out with and do some good shit with but other than that there's really no point in me staying out there for a long period of time.



- So throughout your time in Fresno and all the moving, were you still skating the whole time?

-- I was skating the whole time but when I got deep into running the streets- I was just caught up in that whole web for a long period of time. I would still skate but it wasn't like I was really skating- I wasn't out pushing myself, it wasn't my main priority for a good portion of time. There was a good period of time where I kinda fell off, I put skateboarding on the backburner. I wasn't out trying to film anything new or push myself, I was just skating for fun here and there.

- So then what brought you back to skateboarding?

-- I basically realized that I didn't want my life to be the way that it was; a repetitive vicious cycle I had gotten myself into. When I moved from Fresno to down south, I moved to Apple Valley where my Aunt Rachel took me under. I was out there for a bit until I met a girl- we dated, moved in together fast and eventually moved out to San Antonio, TX. That's where I actually started skateboarding a lot more. But eventually things went sour with me and my girl- I got homesick and I called my best friend out here in Sacramento and I told him, "Dude, I need to get the fuck out of here," I said, "I'm so far away from all my family, all my friends. I'm homesick, I just want to get out of here." So he flew me back out here and ever since I've been back in California my life has been changed.

- So the last two years have been pretty pivotal for you?

-- Yeah, I must say. 

- So now who are you riding for?

-- As of right now I'm riding for Official [flow] and I'm riding for Lurk Hard, FTC.

- Nice, that's a good little trifecta you got going on there. Is this your first time riding for companies?

-- Nah, I used to ride for Western Edition too, I was getting boards from Krooked for a while; I used to ride for DC Shoes also.

- No way!

- Yeah I was riding for DC! I also used to ride for this clothing company for a while called Fiasco, they came out with a Clyde Moore jean- I had a pro model jean!

- Do you have any still?

-- I don't! They made a pro model jean for me because Fiasco was more-so an emo brand y'know? And I was the only cat on the team that wasn't really that style so they had to make a baggier jean; the Clyde Moore Jean.

- What year was this all of this happening?

-- Man I had to be 18 or 19 at the time.

- And you're how old now?

-- 29

- No way, I thought you were way younger. 

-- [Laughs] Yeah, I'm getting up there. I'm young at heart though- physically and mentally. Well, mentally I'm a little bit older, ya feel me?



- So in between moving and what not..

-- Yeah in between moving and not producing, I lost my sponsors. I wasn't out here skating or sending enough footage or being productive so I got let go and that makes perfect sense. When I was younger I thought just because i had skills that they [the sponsors] should be hooking me up because I'm what's up- they need me. But I was just young and I didn't understand how it worked, nobody wants to fuck with you if that's how you work- I know I wouldn't. I'm much older now and I'm so appreciative of the companies I ride for. I still know that I can be a huge asset to them because I'm well-respected by those around me and but I'm more productive now that when I was younger- I owe that to the companies I ride for.

- Since moving back to Sacramento, would you say that you feel you've been given a second chance?

- Yeah, I do. Like I said: If i didn't get all caught up in the game, most likely I'd be pro right now. I was well on my way: killing it at contests, i was in magazines- it was going down. But i got dragged down by decisions I made and the lifestyle I was living so that put a major halt on what I was doing. So since I moved to Sacramento I feel like I was given a second chance to do what I want to do, as far as skateboarding goes, but also just in life as well.

- With this second time around, do you have a goal in mind with what you want to do? 

-- This is where I'm at right now: I'm a barber, that's something that's been my passion since I was 9 years old. it's my job but it's also something that I just like to do. But at the same time, I'm passionate about my skateboarding. If I could go blow up and be pro- then great. I use to push myself so much, knowing that I was getting older but now I Just roll with it; I don't try and force anything anymore. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen; As long as I keep doing the next right thing, keep doing what I gotta do and keep showing up. All I can do is stay solid, stay loyal to the people I ride for and just try to be the best dude that I can be today. I don't have any expectations anymore- if it happens, tight; if it doesn't, it's still all good. I'm going to be good no matter what.

- A year from now where would you like to be?

-- I would like to play a part in the companies that I ride for and having a stronger effect in putting it out there, more-so than I do now. Whether that means doing demos in other states/cities/countries- getting it out there as much as I can. I just know I always want to be in the middle of whatever is going on.

- Anything else you'd like to add about yourself?

 -- Thank you to Jason at Official, Geno at Lurk Hard- much love and respect to them, my friends & fam and anyone else that shows me love. I'm just blessed to be where I am in's only going to get better. 


You can find Clyde on his Intsagram at --> @lurkavelly