Officially Introducing: Yeff

" just show up and you're glad to be here."

Let's get one thing straight: Jeff ( or Yeff as he is known around the warehouse) is hands-down, one of the best people walking on this planet. He's only been with Official for no longer than 5 months but he has already had such a positive impact on the warehouse and the Official family in whole; both with his positive attitude and innate ability to work hard. This interview was conducted on a gloomy Thanksgiving day eve. Jeff, as usual, was full of his unique cheer and eager to be interviewed. 

Connect with Yeff
Twitter: @_Yeffrey
IG: @Yeff_kt 


Sam: So, you came to work at Official by ways of Ian [our warehouse manager], right?

Yeff: Yeah big dawg Ian! We've known each other for a few years now. He used to work as a bartender at Aura when I worked at Blue Cue. Those two bars were like a big family. I got real close to Ian - he was the only one really. I brought my skateboard to work one day and he was like "Dude, you skate?" We just started talking from there. We played SKATE and he would hook me up with boards and shit. He was tight!

S: You were a barback at the time?

Y: Yeah, slicing lemons and filling cranberry juice bottles.

S: Ah, the glorious life.

Y: Ha, yeah the glorious life of cleaning glasses and ten dollars in tips an hour.

S: I was at Blue Cue one night when some dudes got buck. This guy took a pool cue and snapped it over somebody's head. I was thinking 'Ok, well I guess the night's going to be over.' But they just...

Y: Just kept going?

S: Yeah dude!

Y: Yeah man, that's what I was always really really afraid of: somebody getting super wasted and taking a pool cue to someone. That shit is scary! 

S: Hell yeah, I saw it happen! 

Y: [Laughs]

S: So how do you like working at Official? Tell us what you do around here.

Y: I basically help out with Ian. To break it down: I pack our shipments and make sure each package is up to par. I also situate things around the warehouse, keeping it organized and do whatever else anyone needs around here.

S: You touch every hat that goes out, huh?

Y: I touch every hat that comes from here to someone's head that comes from every store that we're in. 

S: That's crazy.

Y: Yeah man, it's a pretty illusive experience.

S: So what do you outside of Official?

Y: I work for an Elementary School in South Sac for a recreational program. It's a before and after-school program. I've been doing that for about 9 years. I love that job man. You know Yeff Love the kids!

S: Haha. So what got you into that?

Y: Funny story: I was 19 and I was broke as shit - didn't have a job, just at home doing nothing. One of my homegirl's had got hired there so I asked her if they were still hiring. She ended giving me a referral and her boss - my boss who I now love to death, called me and said "Hey, do you have any experience working with kids?" and I was like, "Yeah, I got a little sister!" She paused and said, "Ok, come in for an interview." From there it was just history.

S: So what do you do there?

Y: Before and after school we watch the kids. We play board games, help them with their homework, I organize big outdoor games. During breaks for Spring and Summer we go on field trips to waterparks and even Giants games.

S: You guys go to Giants games?!

Y: Oh yeah! We used to snowboarding too. It was pretty legit until the city had all the budget cuts.

S: Yeah that sucked. I used to have the same job with the City, I did it for about 7 years. It was just one of those jobs you didn't want to quit.

Y: Yeah you just don't get rid of it.

S: That's tight man! Yeah I wanted to get this interview  because I want to introduce more of us on the website but I also personally wanted to know more about you.

Y: Yeah for sure man. This place feels like family - I love it.

S: That's the great part of this job: it's like a little family.

Y: Yeah, I was talking about this with Ian yesterday. You know you have those jobs sometimes in your life where you just wake up in the morning and you're just like 'Ughh!'  This job, no matter if you're sick, stressed, going through girl just show up and you're glad to be hear. It's just one of those job, man; I'm fortunate enough to have two of them.

S: Damn for real! Well, we're glad to have you here. Is there anything else you want the world to know?

Y: Yeah, that I love everyone and I hope you have a blessed day. L'chaim!