Warehouse Wednesday - German Safety and Our Guy Ian


A lot of potentially sketchy situations are possible in a warehouse full of headwear and dangerous equipment. Apparently, Germans of the early 90's know this more than anyone. This video is a collection of absolute best-case scenarios that can occur when using heavy machinery. Thank God all we have is a pallet jack. 


I'd also like to take this time to introduce Official's very own Warehouse Wizard, Ian. He's responsible for all of the warehouse organization and any random Mickey-Mousing we need done around the warehouse. Sure, sometimes we get sketched out on what he decides to use as his ladder while hanging up heavy stuff around the warehouse, but he gets the job done and for that, we're most grateful. He's been with the company for longer than most of us and is a pivotal component to the daily happenings at Official. Thanks for all your hard work bud!