Spring Cleaning - Desktop

I’m doing some spring cleaning a little early this year. I’m starting on my desktop (it’s been a while). I found some random photos floating around that I either wanted to post or save for whatever reason.

I went to the Ace Hotel in Seattle and took this photo. I wanted to stay in the room with the KAWS paintings but got the room with a view of the dumpsters. All-in-all a good experience though.

They had camouflage bibles in the rooms.

I wanted to post something on this artist. Pretty damn ruthless…

This is the chick from Bend it Like Beckham and ER. Her name is Parminder Nagra. I’m obsessed with her.

Really into burnt cars. But who isnt…

Is this for real?

Gargoyles are the new black.

Triple Beamin’

Father’s Day is coming up. Don’t worry, Official is gwan have all the dads out there in proper DAD headwear.