2009 = Chaing pt1

Official 2009 = change
Pt. 1

Here at Official we’re ready to embrace the changes that 2008 have made us as a company, a nation and the whole world realize that we need to make. We’re eager to begin this year focused on our core strengths as a brand and a premium product– working closely with our brand partners and retail partners to meet the needs of the rapidly changing market.

One important change we’ve made is our price point. The days of $50 fitteds populating retailer shelves is a thing of the past. Yeah sure we’ll have our aspirational pieces as limited drops and in the seasonal line that will be in the $40 to $60 range but I think we’re all in agreeance that a piece that is smart and sold at an attractive price is what we’re all looking for right now. Our Spring/Summer 09 line has an upgraded level of quality including revised 1.5mm laser cut Official “POP” label. And few new tweeks and changes to our silhouettes (most notably a 2mm reduction in depth to our crown on the fitteds).

Usually when you see a streetwear brand or a skate brand sell a hat under $30 all the detailing and finishing is scrapped (minimal labeling, printed or no branded/designed tape at all) and the shape is generally a stock = wack shape that would only look good on a person with a very small head because the hats are made small to save on fabric. We’ve all seen them… Well-known streetwear brand makes a wack, cheap adjustable hat and still expects us to pay $32.00 for it. We knew we wanted to get the price of each piece lower but we weren’t willing to loose any quality, in fact, an objective for Spring/Summer 09 was working to increase and integrate more premium qualities into each piece made. Something had to give so we took points out of our margin to get it on the shelves at a lower price, this is a sacrifice we have no problem with as it’s no sacrifice at all if Official is providing you with a better, smarter choice when it comes to your premium headwear purchases. We’ve actually increased our quality and range while simultaneously reducing the price of our pieces. It’s important to note that with Offical you’ll be getting more for less which is really inspired by us wanting to get you the best quality and freshest product available on the market at a price that is better than our customers. An analogy would be choosing Virgin Air US over Southwest. They both get you there at a good rate but Virgin Air US is a way radder experience on so many levels that when given the choice it’s a no-brainer.

There is positivity in all changes and in 2009 Official is focused on aligning itself with the changes we all need to make while celebrating and expanding on the qualities that make Official a premium brand. Avant, atypical, out-of-the box designs, distinguished silhouettes and fine detailing all make Official a brand of choice. These qualities combined with our new and improved price points will keep fresh and crispy Official designs on your head as we all make the well needed positive changes in this New Year.