Pay Attention to Detail

It’s easy for a company that focuses on a fashion accessory to print up a couple shirts and say “we do shirts now!” Buy some AAA’s, make some prints, Bam- T line…

But that approach and attempt to ride on the laurels of our pre-existing successes would not do our customers justice. We had to come out the box strong and aligned with the manner we present our other products. We’re all about aesthetic and details and the introduction to our shirts exemplifies this commitment.

Here you can see the detailing we’ve put into the labeling. We have a two color houndstooth woven tape. A two color woven loop tag that holds a cardboard offset printed label with metal eyelet and embossed “Incoronare” button.

The printing is done when the fabric is in rolls. Then sewn together to our custom T-Shirt pattern.

If you flip the woven loop label up you can see that we have another houndstooth pattern on the inside of the label. No rock unturned with these pieces.

You can also see that we’ve custom dyed the shirts to Pantone® specs. This shirt is PMS 809 C.
Stock colors are a bore and we were just not willing to compromise and go with a stock color. We feel our customers should expect more than stock colors as well.

The bottom back seam of all of our shirts also have a two color woven houndstooth tape. This really gives the shirt a unique detail differentiating it just a bit more from the rest of the lot.

This label connects with our roots. We wanted to incorporporate the label we’ve used on our fitted hats in the past. The top/back is a natural place for this type of label and we feel that it really ads that extra detail pronouncing our shirts as premium products.

The Official Cut & Sew Ts are now available in finer retailers worldwide and on our store site. The two styles currently being offered are the above featured Houndstooth Large and our rendition of the John & Paul & Ringo & George.