This SF logo has been 6 months in the making. Seriously. We have to get it perfect, it’s going to be iconic, something that will live on Official hats forever. Like our LA “Victor Cholo” logo. It’s rad to make city logos based off the aesthetic and vibe of the city, not handcuffed by a sports affiliation. We think we’ve accomplished that with this Neu SF logo. The victorian serifs, slender, sleek yet bold and pronounced shape of the letters representing the skyline and hills that pop the city out of the bay. Our Neu SF logo is a compilation of style, grace, the street, typography, determination and patience. We look forward to seeing it rocked intensely on the streets around the world.

These are the first two stages of the development of the logo. The sketch and the redraw in illustrator. We will update you with colorways, samples and finally production of this hat in the weeks to come. Big, big shouts out to Whore24 for the creation of this logo. His passion for both graff and conventional typography are what makes this logo original and prolific.

Some Whore24 street work.