Day of Rest

I had one day of rest after BBB before returning to the design/production hell that lies just ahead of a 16 hour flight back to Cali. We went to Sitges (pronounced Siches) for a beach day. Sitges is a beach town 40 minutes out of Barcelona easy to get to by train. The pace is slower than Barcie, the beach sand is way, way cleaner (and finer grain), lots more topless sunbathers and paddle boats with slides on them (which was my favorite part). If you every go to Barcelona, I highly suggest making your way to Sitges. You’ll feel washed clean of the Barcelona grit and gryme.

The boats with the slides. Heckatight.

Looking towards the center of town.

El Boracho. Not the sand sculpture, the drunk-ass that built it.

My shoes and trunks. No I haven’t switched to the “in” short-short boardshorts.

Taking it back…

Sans hat…

Eva Langoria is like the national model/spokesperson for this brand of icecream. So she’s everywhere.

Topless sunbathing is a beautiful thing.