On The Gully Side

Manufacturing is a trip. Literally. Embarking half-way around the world to see your little vector creations that were conceptualized in a snug studio half a mile from a Trader Joe’s to the hustle and bustle of factory life in a country that’s average salary is $100 USD per month. Even so, our staff (Big ups Zhang!) is dedicated to our brand and providing you a premium quality product. Enough “brand philosophy” lets look at some pictures.

Yo, we got that 60” Fape camo you’ve been looking for… hahahhaha

Buff coming down the pipe…

China tore down all the Mao billboards and replaced them with these cute little Olympic characters. Seriously, you can’t escape these guys.

Or these Olympic construction walls.

The Effers are coming too…

Chinese Shabu Shabu. The pot had one broth that was spicy and one broth that was mellow. This was probably one of the better meals I’ve had over there.

Buildings for days. And days.

Sizing caliper.

That’s your shape cousins! Incoronare fit!

Three the hard way.

Gulliest fabric market ever.

Your hotel room becomes an office and envisioning center. When we get samples on-site we go over the details and bring them back to the hotel room, spread them out and just stare at them for hours. Its a process that combines looking for areas of improvement, envisioning them on our consumer’s heads and then typing out a list of notes on each sample.

Completely destroyed it. Don’t know what half of it was, but I killed it. Making my agent proud of me.