Best Trick Polling - New Video

It’s up to you now to vote for who you think had the best tricks, who was the overall winner, who was the most “Sac Wid It”, and who is most likely to succeed in this super am world of skating. Thanks to Brandon Dubose, Mike Flys, and Kmart for filming this new video, edited by Brandon. We will stop the polling in 2 weeks and announce the winners.

Here is a quick breakdown of who’s who and what they did for reference.

Andrew Dellas – (Dreads) Nollie Halfcab Crook, Nollie Heel Tailslide, Back Noseblunt…
Dwayne Galloway – (Black Hat, White Tee, Mini Dreads) Front Smith 180, Front Tail 270
JR Dias – (Tan Pants, White Longsleeve, Red/Navy hat) Front Shuv Back Nosegrind, Switch Front Shuv Back Nosegrind, Nollie Crook, Switch Front Tailslide Bigspin
Mike Pennings – (White Tee, Green Hat) Switch Backside Blunt, Noseblunt Bigspin
Phil Frost – (Black Tee, Blond Hair, Sunglasses) Ollie Table, Nollie Crook, Nollie Noseblunt…
Ryan Starks – (Red Tee, Black Hat) Front Blunt, Front Krook, Back Tail 270 Shuv
Ray Maldonado – (Black Hat, Brown Plaid) Kickflip Front Krooks, Kickflip Back Krooks, Back 180 Nosegrind Revert…
Rob Maso – (Red Hat, Black Wifebeater) Back Nosegrind 180, Noseblunt…

Also you can check out the video in the previous post with name titles and see if the video here on Transworld has more or less tricks for each person.


The “So Sac Wid It” award is for the homie that repped Sacto the hardest. If you don’t know about Doey Rock’s anthem, you can get learned here.