Marche Ou Creve

We began working on a collaborative project with François of CRIME store in La Rochelle. He wanted a western style woven label that we could incorporate both brand names and the slogan "Marche Ou Creve." We were unfamiliar with the term and it was a delight to be enlightened. For those that don't know like we were, "Marche Ou Creve" is a french term meaning the equivalent to "sink or swim." We were also delighted to learn that there are more than a fair amount of french songs with "Marche Ou Creve" as the title. Busy P remixed Booba's "Marche Ou Creve" track and it's been in heavy rotation since beginning the collaboration. Look for this very limited release with CRIME store to drop this Spring 2011. Until then, marche ou creve!