COOL GUY CUP 2010 (Recap)

Cool Guy Cup 2010 absolutely went off yesterday. Super good vibes celebrating the love of soccer, community and not taking sport too seriously. A mix of incredibly skilled players with skateboarders that can switch flippidy-flip double-sets but can't kick a ball to save their life (or team in this case). The rules were, there were no rules. Just get the ball between the posts, don't worry about the soccer faux pas that were being committed on an outrageus and entertaining level. With those rules layed out, we all enjoyed a fantastic day of cool guys playing soccer.




Lurk Hard gets the prize for embracing the vibe to the fullest. Not one of their players wore cleats, most were in cut-offs... yet they were competitive and celebrative the whole way through. Next year they've got to find a way to get Pabst as a sponsor for their motley crew. 



Water break.

Tristan Moss, skateboarder, goal scorer.

Lurk Skills





HA setting up to break some Lurker King ankles.

HA breakin' Lurker King ankles.

Hondel con helado y niño

Heritage came correct with their Faded Glory jerseys and a beast of a goalie.  




Heritage jersey now available at Walmart.

Ground Zero team showed a lot of heart and ended up taking the "Loser Champions Cup" in a final match against Lurk Hard. 



 Getta Clue brought the party vibe and strongest showing of female players (which were also staff BTW, no ringers). Getta Clue nearly made it to the championship game. Big shouts go out to Justin for helping to make Cool Guy Cup an awesome event.

Charlotte gettin' back.

Getta Clue camp.

Getta Clue in between matches.


Getta subs.




This is the Official team. A rag-tag collection of skateboarders, cool guys and bar flys. No wonder we didn't get very far. But we looked good not going very far and that's all that counts.

Official lounge

A whole team of #10s!

The bandana got Sean two headers in the first game. We should have all worn bandanas.

Jason racking up Official style points.

Ian taking full advantage of the complimentary orange slices.




Lil' Rob held it down for Official.

We're not biased but Official had the best looking cheerleaders for sure.

The Golden Bears had the most creative uniforms, a great mix of skilled and not-so-skilled players that they made work and earn them a well deserved trip to the championship. Another team that fully embraced the vibe and contributed to making Cool Guy Cup an epic event.

GB'er puttin' on a clinic.

Shots galore in the final game.

In the end it was the NINE16 Meatballs that took the very first Cool Guy Cup. These dudes are all skateboarders that for some reason have better than average to phenomenal soccer skills. A well deserved victory as they came deep with subs, competitiveness and strategy. Congratulations to the Meatballs. Bask in your spoils for the next twelve months, next year everybody will be gunning for yah!

A Meatball that had mad skills.




Billy of NINE16/Meatballs

Groin pull.

Team Meatball, serious soccer business.




Thank you so much to all the Cool Guy supports that came out to enjoy a day of soccer and community. Let's do it again next year!