Winter10 "Neu Rudy" preview

We’re eager to drop our new English driving cap silhouettes for Fall10 and Winter10. This preview is of a piece coming out for Winter10. Anybody can make an English driving cap and for us to jump into this silhoutte we pushed ourselves to develop some game changing joints. A combination of refined style and unconventional materials for this style make for some modern classics. For this preview the contrast of the brushed herringbone and the hand-woven Guatamalan fabric marries classic textiles from two completely different cultures creating a modern flip on a staple style can be traced back to the 14th century in United Kingdom. Official is eager to make it’s mark in English driving cap history and we’ve composed quite a collection of pieces to christen our entry into the style’s long and colorful history.

The hand-woven Guatamalan fabric is only placed on this left side panel. The remaining panels are brushed herringbone.