Super Fresh in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Super Fresh in Saudi Arabia has been stocking Official since their Grand Opening. It’s always a trip for us to pack up boxes and ship them off to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you’re rocking an Official hat in Saudi Arabia (which many are), then you’ve got to feel a step ahead of your fellow Arabian peers. If not a few decades worth of steps ahead…

Our curiosity got the best of us and we asked Majed from Super Fresh to answer some stockist interview questions. We yearned for a better feel of exactly where these hats were going in Saudi Arabia and the person behind the distribution of them. Someday we’ll get out to Riyadh but for now this interview will be ours and now your look into a stockist of Official in what the west considers a very mysterious country.

What is Super Fresh?
Super fresh is an entertainment store for clothing, arts & music.

How many years has Super Fresh been in business?
We have been in business for about a year and a half.

What are some brands that do well in your store?
Hellz Bellz and Glamour Kills is the favorite for our customers.

How does most of your clientele get information about the brands featured in
your store?
Mostly by ads in popular websites and by mobile text messaging.

Has the focus of the shop changed since you began or stayed consistent with
the original focus/concept?
Yes we have developed Super Fresh in many ways, such as, the general appearance of the store and brands.
In addition, we have expanded our activities and sponsored artists. We are also doing some projects related to the youth.

Is there a good skateboarding/streetwear scene in Riyadh?
Skateboarding is actually very rare in Riyadh.

What are some of the challenges of having a shop such as Super Fresh in
The challenges are to keep developing our service level and offer the best items.
We also stock items that are not offered in other stores in Riyadh city which makes us unique and that attracts many people.

What are some of the benefits of having a shop such as Super Fresh in
Super Fresh is not only a store for outfits. We are doing our best to make it the main source for street arts.
We have worked in the past period to make a local data base to artists in different fields. Super Fresh will be the number one store in the Kingdom.

Is there anything you’d like the rest of the world to know about Super Fresh
and Riyadh that might be surprising to them?
We continuously follow up all what is new in fashion world as we are always in contact with many designers and world artists.
Super Fresh offers many stuff that big world stores doesn’t offer, and for this reason we have the name Super Fresh.

Are they’re any plans or happenings related to Super Fresh for 2010/2011
that we should know about?
We have many projects this year, and most importantly launching the official site for Super Fresh and sponsoring local competitions.
At the end we would like to say thanks to the best fitted caps “The Official.”

Majed, sent me a bunch of photos to choose from and I had to post this photo of the Outback Steakhouse billboard in the front of the mall Super Fresh is housed in.

There is also a Rocawear store in the mall. How could I pass on posting a photo of the Rocawear shop in Riyadh?