48 Hours in São Paulo

Photos and Words by Jason Maggio
--- --- --- ---
I found out Sunday that I was to be on a plane Monday night to deliver samples to our Brazilian distributor Mop Distribution for our stand at URB Tradeshow. The news was bitter-sweet… Who doesn't want to go to Brazil? Yet, this trip was unplanned, and terrible timing business and family wise. But Official loves Brazil so it's all positive vibes until I get sweated by Brazilian customs for 200pcs of hats in pelican cases. An hour-long apology session to the customs agents and I'm through with a verbal lashing and my promise that I will register the with their customs agency next time before bringing samples in.

It's nice to have familiar faces waiting for you at the airport. Otavio Neto and Gabriel met me and took me down to my hotel at Rua Agusta and Av. Paulista. This neighborhood is rad. Matriz is only a few blocks from where I'm staying. The shop is part owned by Rodrigo TX and a valued retail partner for Official. 

The first day of URB Tradeshow jumps off with an amazing vibe, so many homies in the place to be. Shouts out to Diego Garcez, Dwayne Fagundes, Rafa Shine, Rodrigo Peterson, Adelmo, Tulio Oliveira, Karen Jonz and Daniel Mordzin. Official is now with Mop Distribution in Brazil and they built and manned our stand for the show. The booth was slammed from the opening of the show till the end and our team in the booth absolutely killed it open till close.

The show had a best trick contest on a marble escalator. Insane session, so many tricks and collisions. Formiga took first, he had a head-to-toe kit on with "Tims" looking skate shoes. Pretty much looked like Mac Dre reincarnated as a Brasilian.

Sao Paulo is the fifth largest city in the world. 

It has to have more skateboarders per capita than any major city.

So there's a landmark building on Av. Paulista called MARC building. We have something very special planned with MARC x TX in Summer15. It's rad to be able to connect with TX and design headwear with his ideas and then see the inspirations first hand walking down the street in his city.

Mosiac patterns. And right around the corner are patterns on the ground from one of TX's hats we did for Fall '14. These patterns are everywhere in SP. Salve A Rua!

On some other pattern steez.

Rua Agusta

The second day of the show was some TV/web interviews and in between some of those I broke out of the booth to get some last Brazilian meals in. I rave about Brazil's cappucinos, they put some cinnamon based concoction in them and I crave them almost as much as I do Brazilian açai. We really don't have a clue how to make açai up here in the US. Brazil's is super thick and rich. They also have some variations that we just don't have. I ordered one with a a sugar glaze poured on top, really similar to a donut glaze… It was bomba. Brazilian sandwiches "lanches" are worth writing home about as well. I had a lanche churrasco that kept me from eating until the next day just because I didn't want to ruin my tastebud's memory.

Oh, we sponsored and old school Sao Paulo bike exhibit at the show.

Somebody bombed the Montana booth.


And that's it… two days in Sao Paulo flew by and the 15 mile taxi ride back to the airport only took two hours. Official loves you Brasil, can't wait to get back, obrigado!