Lil Chuckee x Official at MTV Spring Break

If you turned on MTV for 10 minutes yesterday you would have seen the Bedrock performance by Young Money at MTV’s Spring Break in Acopulco, Mexico. Lil Chuckee was rocking the “LEGALIZE” snap-back hard through the whole performance and we’ve got the footage right here for you. Big ups Lil Chuckee for all the good looks!

I know you’re eyes are all on Nicki Minaj right now but Lil Chuckee rockin’ “LEGALIZE” snap-back!!!

and Luda

Young Money

Lil Chuckee with Big Chuckee rockin’ the “Eratic Chains” T. Yo, you can still cop this shirt on the site!

Lil Chuckee rockin’ “The Billions” snap-back.