2010 Previews

With an intense in-house focus on detailing and design for 2010 it’s hard for us to withhold the headwear gems that await you. Sometimes such an elevation warrants some previews to salivate and prep the palette. The following 4 images are a taste of what’s to come from Official Crown of Laurel for 2010. Holler at your local finer retailer for these drops as you know they won’t last on shop shelves long.

Our brushed flannel English rider’s cap with tweed earflaps and leather embossed branded label is an excellent example of the lengths we’ve gone to combine fabrics, embellishments and shape into a unique yet classic Official piece.

Americana plays heavy influence in this year’s releases and the preview of our denim, 12whale corduroy, leather embossed label and mesh snap-back encapsulate our accomplishments in designing modern Americana pieces.

The California Republic flag has gotten the short-end of the stick with hat designs thus far. We’re happy to announce that a premium California Republic hat has now been produced and will burn all other lesser qualified flag hats. We flipped the flag colorway with a strong black/red/grey and graced the front two panels and visor with brushed herringbone.

“The Official’s” hats keep checking for retailers and we’ll keep producing strong colorways to keep shelves fresh. The black/orange Officials wool snap-back is the most anticipated “Official’s” colorway to date. The preview of this hats gives a macro look at the hat’s embroidery.