Official X Ben G Send you to Amsterdam!

Reserve your “very special” limited production Ben G x DC x Official hat on
Official’s store site and you’re automatically entered into a chance to pick
up your hat and a free pair of the Ben G x DC Gatsby shoes personally from
the world famous Ben G skate shop in the heart of Amsterdam. That’s right,
Official is going to flip the bill (or Euro in this case) for your flights
and two nights hotel at the Winston in central Amsterdam, Netherlands just
to go pick up your hat and shoes straight from the source. The odds are
way way better than the lottery and you’re getting a limited run hat in the
process.If you skate, dudes at the shop will be happy to take you on a spot
tour and of course there are “other” things to do in Amsterdam if you didn’t
already know that…

Official x Ben G x DC – Rain Camo fitted
Limited production fitted hat to coincide with the Ben G x DC Gatsby shoe.
Exclusive release for Europe only and Official’s online store.

About Ben G
Ben G is a world renown skateboard boutique in Amsterdam, Netherlands
situated in the same building as Patta (Ben G is on the ground floor and
Patta is upstairs).

The collection will be released early-mid December.