Kombucha and Kicks and Officials

As promised I’m jumping off a 60 day run of Kombucha and Kicks and Officials. It’s a straight byte off Stefan’s Coffeeandkicks, but I’ll call it inspiration since I’ve flipped it to Kombucha and the sidekick to the Kombucha is Official and not Nike. To pay homage to the inspiration I’ll throw my feet up in the frame as well.

The project has several angles.

I get to drink Kombucha every morning for 60 days.

I get to show you 60 different Official hats. Some upcoming drops, some blasts from the past and some that never made it into production.

I’ll even show off a few kicks from my arsenal as well as some dropping that some friends have sent over.

Without further ado, I present the inaugural posting for Kombucha and Kicks and Official!

I’m rocking my Stefans today, hence the inspiration (note the knots on the laces, mad boat steez). I kicked off the 60 days of Kombucha with Gingerade. Honestly it reminds me of eating the ginger mound on your sushi plate. But for some reason I like it and its a good morning taste. The Official hat is the “American Stud” Neu Mesh snap-back 5 panel. It ships November 1st to better retailers and I’m going to rock it hard today since Obama just won the Nobel.