Deep V die-cut Sticker and Neu Hangtags

We have two incredible “gift with purchase” items shipping with Winter09. This is the first look at one of two gift with purchases all retailers and online sales will be giving away with every Official item sold.

3M Reflective Deep V die-cut stickers! A homie was at the office one day (Jason Peret) and said “You guys should do Deep V stickers.” We were on it immediately and 3 weeks later we have black/3M reflective Deep V stickers for your rims. The best part about it, the only way you can get them is to purchase and Winter 09 piece that ships on October 15th at your local retailer or online. We call it “saftey-steez,” 3M reflective for night moshing, super steezy having a die cut Official Deep V sticker on your rims.

Oh, forgot to mention that we are applying new die-cut hangtag stickers to all pieces for Fall 09 as well. The new hangtag sticker replicates our “POP” label sewn on the front of all hats and now can be applied to anything else that could use some Official branding.