Iran and Subrosa for today

I looked at photos and videos of the Iran protests today. I also red some conspiracy theories that the US (CIA) spent $400 million to prop up the “color revolution” concept. It worked in the Ukraine right. It kinda makes sense. I mean, how did all those people get the same green bandana so quickly in a govt that surely would stop any containers filled with green bandanas.

Pretty much the hottest protester I’ve ever seen.

Have you noticed that these protest are very fashionable… It’s the hippest/bro-ist revolution ever.

Iran needs some green gundam warrior protesters to ward of the pesky militia on their motor scooters with night sticks.

And this guy too.

Subrosa’s new cruiser.

Finally! Looking good, the fork concerns me a bit but switching that out and the tires, you’re good to go.