Hong Effn' Kizong

Singpore Air has the in-flight entertainment game won. I’ve flown on Cathay, United and Eva to HK, Singpore Air has by far been the most comfortable and entertaining.

Hella groggy after watching 4 movies in a row. Everything is a blur.

Waitin’ on a train.

Eye drops.

Anybody that is somebody in headwear has been in this conference room. Multi-million dollar stategic partnerships have been inked in this room. To me, it’s my favorite room in HK.

A suitcase full of Spring/Summer 10 Swatches. Season is going to be nothing but the illest fabric selections.

Nathan but penetration.



I guess somebody is representin’ us in HK. Lush has mad ups btw…

So glad I didn’t have to wear a sailor outfit to school when I was a kid.

Who ordered the Po-Po platter.

Night train.

HK camo.


Supposedly Lewis Hamilton wore these overalls. What’s up with Mclaren this year? Their cars are suckin.

Noodles for days. Dip that fried chicken in the soup. mmmmmm…

I swear each trip that the next trip I make I’m bringing my bball shorts and playing at one of the many courts sprinkled about Kowloon and HK. Next time for real.

Bart 200%