Jeff Landi x Stefan Janoski Shoe/Photo show

The Stefan Janoski’s Nike SB shoe release party was in Sacto this weekend. Sacramento is Stefan’s hometown and the kids, the pros and the industry came out in droves to support and congratulate the local on receiving a shoe with Nike SB. The day started out at the B skatepark with hundreds of kids getting very Sacto with it. The best trick contests were nothing short of balls-out hesh, fresh, tech, gnar, slash, horror filled fun.
After the B event the party moved onto a Stefan Janoski photo exhibition by Jeff Landi at Upper Playground. The prints really tell the story of Stefan’s growth and really how by Jeff and Stefan working so closely together over the year’s they’ve really been able to capture and purvey Stefan’s skating and essence.
After the party is the after party right. Everybody headed over to Golden Bear for more drinks and storytelling. big ups to all the folks we got to catch up with, Dillon (Mountain&Surf R.I.P.), Gabe (FTC), Josh (Vapors OG), Scotty Ill (The Hundreds), Tristan (lil Lurk), Geno and all the Lurk Hard and of course Hondeezy.
Thanks to Eddie (FTC) and Mike Richins (Nike SB) for putting it on.

Jeff Landi and Stefan

More of them.

Eddie(FTC) and Justin Williams (Empire)

Mr. J Crew himself seconds before being the first skateboarder in Stefan’s to set off an Emergency Exit alarm.