Neu Chief by Hydro 74

Josh Smith (AKA Hydro 74) created the exquisite Neu Chief fitted for our SS09 season. Official is extremely honored and considers it a privilege to have a collaboration with such an important and profound artist on one of our silhouettes. We want to share a little of Josh’s portfolio so that you have a better understanding of the inspiration and background behind the Neu Chief fitted for SS09.

I’ve known Josh for over 7 years now via Vapors. I used to use his fonts in the magazine and through the years I’ve have gotten to know his story and how his life and experiences beginning with some severely impactfull ones at a very young age built a broadly dark palette to create art from.

Josh’s portfolio consists of intimate work with brands like Burton, Vans, DCMA, MTV/VH1, Plan B, Hot Wheels, Quiksilver and now Official.

Josh is an amazing artist and his work has subversivly influenced many trends in streetwear and skate/surf graphics. The level of originality his work posesses seperates his art from most and having the Neu Chief as primary piece in our SS09 not only makes us hyped to be rocking some of Josh’s art on our heads but gives you the opportunity to own a piece of art for yours.
Visit Josh’s sites here and here.

(note) It has been brought to our attention that a hat brand has a sample made of a similar skull and has quoted “FAIL” on a photo of Hydro74’s design. This is grossly ignorant and disrespectful to not only us and Josh but all the brands he intimately works with. We’d expect a retraction immediately but if you’re ignorant enough to make it in the first place I doubt you’d have the smarts to retract it.

...One last note: If I were to give you a graff anology regarding this matter. An outline goes over a tag, three color goes over an outline and a piece goes over them all. The Neu Chief is definitely the piece in this scenario and I seriously doubt anybody can burn it.